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  1. Make causatives in English involving a DP or CP subject, an experiencer, and an adjective describing the experiencer’s psychological state exhibit properties strongly implying that those subjects are derived. The...

    Authors: Candice Chi-Hang Cheung and Richard K. Larson
    Citation: Lingua Sinica 2018 4:4
  2. This study investigated and examined linking constructions in Mayrinax Atayal. Although in the literature, linkers are categorized as either complementizers or aspectual heads, their syntactic behaviors and st...

    Authors: Chunming Wu
    Citation: Lingua Sinica 2017 3:6
  3. Rhyme patterns in Old Chinese poems are important for the reconstruction of Old Chinese pronunciation, as they provide evidence for groups of words which formerly had similar pronunciation. Rhyme patterns can ...

    Authors: Johann-Mattis List, Jananan Sylvestre Pathmanathan, Nathan W. Hill, Eric Bapteste and Philippe Lopez
    Citation: Lingua Sinica 2017 3:5
  4. The paper proposes a novel classification and analysis of the V-DE construction in Mandarin Chinese. On this proposal, the V-DE construction is divided into two types, predicative and non-predicative. The predica...

    Authors: Chao Li
    Citation: Lingua Sinica 2015 1:6
  5. This paper investigates the extraction of an internal argument as the trigger in Tsou applicatives. It is observed that a locative applicative (LA) advances as the trigger an indirect object (IO), not a direct...

    Authors: Henry Y Chang
    Citation: Lingua Sinica 2015 1:5