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Fig. 8

From: On the dialectal variations of voiced sibilant /dz/ in Taiwan Min young speakers

Fig. 8

Distribution of /dz/ realizations with regard to syllable types in a rounded and b unrounded environments. Numbers at the upper right hand corners of the bars indicate the total number of tokens, while numbers in the bar sections represent percentages. The thin lines inside the [Z] sections indicate the divide between affricate (left) and fricative (right) realizations. [Z] sections without a thin line indicate fricative realizations only. Asterisks show significance in post hoc tests and those in parentheses show near significance. For the y-axes: 如 “person’s name,” 熱 jo̍ah “hot,” 字/二 “Chinese character/two,” 入 ji̍p “to enter,” 柔 jiû “gentle,” and 忍 jím “to put up with.” Please see text for explanation

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