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Fig. 6

From: On the dialectal variations of voiced sibilant /dz/ in Taiwan Min young speakers

Fig. 6

Waveforms and spectrograms for a [d] as in 字 “Chinese character,” b [ˡd] as in 阿如 A-jû “person’s name,” c [nd] as in 入去 ji̍p-khì “to enter,” d [ð] as in 禮拜二 lé-pài-jī “Tuesday,” and e [lð] as in 阿如 A-jû “person’s name.” The shaded areas in be indicate the waveforms for the prelateralization of [ˡd], the prenasalization of [nd], the voiced frication of [ð], and the voiced frication of [lð], respectively. The downward arrows in ac indicate the bursts of the stops. The left-right arrow beneath the spectrogram in a indicates the voice bar of [d]

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